How it works

Create your own games and levels with Struckd, share them with the community and challenge your friends.


Design your level, add your favourite game elements and set the goal of your game.


Play and win your own game to make sure it's fun! Then upload your creation to the Struckd community and have it played by thousands all over the world.


Play, like and comment other's games and find inspiration for your own creations within a whole universe of games created by other players.

Our Game Pack Collection

Struckd comes with different game element packs to start from. Each packs contains a specific kind of game and a set of starting items while all the packs can be mixed together.

Feather Frenzy

Welcome to the jungle! This is a simple physics-based action puzzle with birds, palmtrees and...TNT.

Forest Fortress

Build your own fortress in the haze of the night and hold it as long a possible against the approaching hordes. For all the fans of the Tower Defense genre, this is the right pack.

Rampage Racer

Ever wondered what it feels like to rush along a parcour of exploding barrels in a monster truck? Give it a shot with our first racing package.

Main Features

What does the platform look like, how do I build, share and play?

Drag & Drop

Experience an open world in 3D

A Growing Community


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