What we believe in

Games are a way to communicate. We give your game idea a place and your creativity a voice. Struckd is the playground to experiment, excite and to make playful statements.

Flurin Jenal

Born on July 14, 1989, Flurin grew up in the mountains of Switzerland and came to Zurich to follow his passion in gaming by starting the studies at the Z├╝rich University oft the Arts. With an extensive interest in the medium as a whole and the determination to create a scaleable business out of his passion he decided to start a company. After a lot of experiments in the shark pool of the gaming industry he and his partner started with a big but still simple thought: Why should we not democratize game creation? We had a lot of pain coding games in our past so we should give the most simple and casual game creation tool a try. Struckd was born with the first founding and is today on the market to become to best in what it promises. Flurins passion now is to connect gamers with game developers and young creatives with the medium of games, so that they can all share their most exciting stories and express in the digital space.

Silvan Bauser

Silvan was born and raised in one of the smallest towns in Switzerland so being creative in keeping himself entertained was a must from an early age. That was also where the first ideas for games were born. Coming from a very interdisciplinary background with spending a lot of time in graphic design, photography and music production, Silvan started his studies at the Zurich University of the Arts to dive into the supreme discipline of computer science: Game Design. After expanding his skill set, Silvan followed his passion of always building on his own dreams and started his first company which soon turned out to become a successful service provider in multi media, development and game design. Still hungry to expand and to keep building, Silvan and Flurin came together to create Struckd which shall enable people all over to planet to create their very own digital worlds and share their creations, dream together and to challenge each other in a vibrant environment of players, creators and endless possibilities.