Struckd Information on Cookies & Analytics

Last updated: 02.06.2021

This document of information on Cookies & Analytics (“Information on Cookies & Analytics”) is incorporated into the Terms, as such it supplements the Terms of use, and provide you information on how we (Struckd AG, Hardturmstrasse 161, 8005 Zurich, Switzerland) use cookies and similar technologies.

Please refer to the Terms of Use for the general provisions applicable, and to the Privacy Policy to know more about Personal Data Processing

In particular, the pronouns “we/us/our” and “you/your”, as well as for the words with capitalized letter not defined in the article 2 “Definitions”, have the meaning defined in the Terms of Use

Struckd uses cookies and other technologies to know more about the interactions with our Services and improve them accordingly.

Cookies are small text files downloaded onto your device (your phone, tablet, or computer) when you access our Services. It allows our systems to recognize your device and store some information about your preferences or past actions. E.g., when you set your language preferences, or you log in.

Certain cookies are allowed under data protection regulations subject to information, and others are subject to your consent. You can deactivate all cookies as a setting from your browser. You can also allow certain types of cookies by selecting the corresponding options in the banner on our website or through the preferences of the App. Please note that deactivating all cookies may impact your use of the Services, leading to degradation or impossibility to use part of the Services. Removing your consent on cookies through the App or the banner would not impact your access to Services.

Struckd uses cookies and similar technologies in particular for the following purposes:

  • Save your preferences, set your account settings, and certain login information (including account security);
  • Obtain statistics and analysis on interactions with the Services, including details about how and where our Services are downloaded from or accessed, when and how often a user uses the Services, which areas of the Services keep the interest of our users, traffic uses…
  • Mobile analytic tools allow us to know more about interactions with the App, and also how our App operates on your system and device.
  • Collect information on functionality and performance of our Services, including CPU load, other resources use, data use, among other relevant data (which help us optimize the App).
  • Security, including fraud prevention.
  • Know more about the audience of our Services.
  • Subject to your consent: marketing and advertisements, which include advertising-related tracking.